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Happy Tails

Our animals come to us in a variety of ways for a multitude of reasons. Each baby has a story. Here are some of their stories.


One of our amazing foster moms who is always willing to foster our bottle babies, foster failed into Mr. Jelly bean. Here is their story:

Jellybean, Mr. Beans, Beanie sweet boy. Jellybean was less than a day old when I picked him up to foster. Through the weeks of round the clock feedings, upset tummies, dehydration and near death experiences, I feel in love with this sweet baby. I had never been a foster fail, but this boy was my undoing.

Jellybean is the absolute most "chill cat," I have ever had or been around. With two big dogs, I was a little worried about having a cat full time, but Jellybean rules the house. If he wants his ears washed or just a good once over, he plops down in front of the 90 pound German Shepherd Dog who promptly licks him down to a soaking pile of fur. He doesn't care at all about the washer, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner or anything noisy that most cats run from. He loves to snuggle up with me in the evenings and purr until he falls asleep in my lap or on my shoulder.

Jellybeans' favorite things in the world are literally anything that moves. Pompoms and crinkle balls are #1 on his list, followed by any of my body parts or pieces of clothing that dares not be still. If it moves, he is after it. Mr. Beans adores his six foot tall multi-level cat tree and will zip up and down, spin in the hammock and then race across the room, around the dining chairs, bounce off either of the dogs (then quickly return to swat the nose of whichever canine was in his way), jump onto the sofa, race across the back and then repeat multiple times a day. Bugs, dust bunnies, puffs of loose dog hair...he is always entertained and entertaining.

I haven't been a cat-servant for at least 25 years and hadn't planned on becoming one again, but I'm so grateful to the Bartholomew County Humane Society for not only the opportunity to foster, but the chance to bring a snuggly, purring, tail-chasing bundle of kitten love home. Adopting Jellybean was one of the best things I've done in a long time.

Thank you for being such a great support to our organization and loving this sweet baby!

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