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Thor's Pantry

There are times when we all need a little help. You should never have to choose between feeding your family and your beloved pets. No pet should go hungry. That's why we are proud to offer Thor's Pantry as a resource to the public.

To donate:
You can drop off physical donations on the front porch of the shelter any time. You can also purchase items from our Amazon Wishlist. Please denote in your order that the items are for Thor's pantry or email with your order number, letting them know your purchase is for Thor's pantry. You can also send monetary donations via the button below. Again, just denote in the text box that your donation is for Thor's Pantry.

To pick up:
Thor's Pantry hours:
Wednesday from 3-5
Last Saturday of the month from 10-12:30

Please bring an ID when you come.

Please call 812-372-6063 or email to schedule a time to pick up your pet food if those times do not work for you.


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